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Arcade Gallery "V podloubí"

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe gallery is located in the Old Town Square in the immediate vicinity of the Temple Municipal Palace and the castle.Museums and galleries

Cinestar cinema

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailOne of the largest multiplex networks in the Czech Republic. The multiplex is situated in the Bondy Centrum shopping centre.Cinemas

Funpark Bambi

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailFun for everyone – this is Funpark Bambi. The park with its area of 400 m2 is one of the largest of its kind in the Mladá Boleslav region. There is a wide range of amusement including slides, trampolines and climbing structures for your enjoyment. As they make their way through the park together, children find new friends and experience new adventures with them.Leisure centres

Church of the Bohemian Brethren

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Church of the Moravian Brothers (see metal trail) is an important religious building in Mladá Boleslav and its design is one of the oldest Renaissance pseudo-basilicas outside Italy. The architect Matteo Borgorelli built this church for the local large congregation of the Moravian church. Today the building houses a gallery and a concert hall.Religious monuments

Masterescape games

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailLeisure centres

Metod Vlach Aviation Museum

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Metoděj Vlacha Aviation Museum was inaugurated in 2015 at the Aeroclub Mladá Boleslav airport. The museum is dedicated to the period from the beginnings of aviation to the present day. Out of 28 historical aircraft, originals and replicas, 22 are fully functional and flying. Cultural events are regularly held in the museum.Museums and galleries

Mladá Boleslav municipal library

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Mladá Boleslav Town Library is a contributory organization of the statutory town of Mladá Boleslav, it is a basic public town library with one branch in the Severní Město housing estate. In addition to lending books, it also operates a reading room and public Internet and organizes cultural and educational events, including exhibitions.Theatres

Museum of the Mladá Boleslav Region

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Museum of Mladá Boleslav (see metal trail) offers permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions in the premises of Mladá Boleslav Castle. It is also engaged in educational activities, e.g. in the children\\\\\'s playroom and organizing talks as well as cultural events.Museums and galleries

Na Karmeli educational centre

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailSince 2007, the Education Centre Na Karmeli (the building of the Škoda University) has not only been an interesting combination of historical and modern architecture, but also a representative space that can be used for educational and social events (lectures, diashows, cultural events).Theatres

Pod Věží gallery

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Pod Věží Gallery is located in newly renovated premises in the old town hall building on Old Town Square. Through the gallery you can enter the Baroque observation tower with a view over Mlada Boleslav.Museums and galleries

ŠKODA Museum

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe ŠKODA Museum (see metal trail) was opened in 1995 to mark the centenary of the Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer. It is housed in the old production buildings of the company of Laurin and Klement from 1899-1911 and presents its visitors with an extensive collection of historic cars. In 2012, the museum was reopened after a long-term reconstruction.Engineering monuments

Templ Town Palace, Mladá Boleslav

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Temple City Palace (see metal trail) is one of the oldest preserved buildings in Mladá Boleslav. It represents a rare example of a late Gothic urban noble residence. Today it serves as a museum with an archaeological exhibition, a gallery and a space for cultural events (talks, concerts...).Museums and galleries
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