Partially accessible buildings

Částečně přístupné objekty
    • Only a part of the building is accessible, or the building does not meet any of the requirements listed for accessible buildings. Description of the requirements that are not met is provided in the text.

    • Ramps and skids (mobile and portable) in front of entrances and inside the buildings have the maximum slope of 16.5% for lengths of up to 3 metres, or 12.5% for lengths of up to 9 metres. The minimum width of fixed ramps is 100 cm.

    • Doors and passages are at least 70 cm wide. The doorsill height is no more than 7 cm.

    • Minimum elevator dimensions: door width of 70 cm, inner dimensions of the cabin: width 90 cm x depth 110 cm.

    • Minimum platform dimensions: door width 70 cm, transporting area: width 70 cm x depth 90 cm. Information about load bearing capacity is provided in the accompanying text.

    • Accessible toilets are not an essential factor. Owing to the current level of access in the Czech Republic, the requirement of at least WC II in partially accessible buildings would mean classifying a major part of buildings as inaccessible.
    • No more than one step without any appropriate compensation is in front of the entrance to the building.

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