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Come and see Mladá Boleslav

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailCome and discover the surroundings of Mladá Boleslav. The landscape of the Mladá Boleslav region is pleasant and full of interesting places. The following suggested trip will take you through this landscape.Tips for trips - Český ráj

Discover Chlum educational trail

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detail.While visiting the Mladá Boleslav region, you can walk along the Chlum educational trail. The 7.5km-long trail aims to showcase the unique location of the Chlum nature park, which also has the status of a Special Area of Conservation and is one of the most interesting areas in the Mladá Boleslav region from the point of view of archaeology.Tips for trips - Český ráj

Experiences in Mladá Boleslav – Templ Municipal Palace

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe museum exhibition offers authentic exhibits (funerals - archaeology) and objects (history). Music and light help to create special atmosphere. Fifty video programs about archaeological and historical points of interest in Mladá Boleslav and Bohemian Paradise are available for visitors, and information kiosks present additional items in the museum collection that could not be included in the exhibition due to limited space or due to the character of the unique exhibits.Tips for trips - Český ráj

Jewish cemeteries: places of memory, realisation and silence

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailIn addition to stunning nature, castles and chateaus, places reminding us of the multicultural past of the Czech lands can be found in Bohemian Paradise.Tips for trips - Český ráj

Old Town Square in Mladá Boleslav

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailHaving been restored a few years ago, the Old Town Square is now coming back to life and becoming an essential part of the town’s social and cultural life. WATER has become the symbol of enlivening the Old Town.Tips for trips - Český ráj

Ruins of castles of the Mladá Boleslav area

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailPerhaps the most famous wanderer of the Czech castles, the poet Karel Hynek Mácha, drew quite a few picturesque ruins of castles into his sketchbook during his journeys. It was for instance the ruin of Michalovice castle which is situated in the Mladá Boleslav area. It is located on the threshold of the city Mladá Boleslav and its huge tower is leaning so much that you may notice it even when you are a kilometre far. Yet it is possible to ascend the tower safely and you may feast your eyes on the beautiful view of the Jizera river valley.Tips for trips - Český ráj

Set off on the Bohemian Paradise Gold Trail

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Bohemian Paradise Gold Trail is a synonym for hiking. The route marked with red tourist markers leads across the entire Bohemian Paradise and the hike can be completed in several days. Let’s introduce this trail gradually in a series of trips that will guide you along the entire length. Are you ready and do you have good walking shoes? If so, let’s start! The first day of hiking along the trail begins!Tips for trips - Český ráj

Where can you take your children? How about visiting squirrels?

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailBohemian Paradise undoubtedly offers many beautiful places for visiting. However, since entertaining children during walks can sometimes be rather demanding, we have an excellent tip for your next trip, during which your children will be entertained and educated a little at the same time. A new educational trail intended specifically for children has been created in the Štěpánka forest park in Mladá Boleslav, in the part called Veverkov.Tips for trips - Český ráj
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