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Hotel Bestar

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailBestar hotel offers hotel type of accommodation. It is located in Kosmonosy, near the motorway connecting Prague and Liberec. This makes it ideal accommodation on business trips, as well as holidays. Its location is convenient for trips to the Bohemian Paradise and to Prague.Hotels and motels

Hotel Helada ***

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe non-smoking Helada hotels offers accommodation in rooms and apartments with modern furnishing. Helada hotel is situated in Mladá Boleslav, Dukelská street, near the Prague – Liberec motorway (Exit 44). Mladá Boleslav is one of the entrance points to the Bohemian Paradise tourist region.Hotels and motels

Hotel Na Statku

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailNa Statku hotel is located in Nepřevázka, a municipality below the Chlum nature park. Hotel guests can enjoy accommodation in a lovely hotel, as well as sports activities on the tennis court, bowling, billiard, and excellent food from the local kitchen.Hotels and motels

Hotel Osvit

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailHotels and motels

Hotel Plaza

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailA modern four-star hotel in a peaceful part of Mladá Boleslav.Hotels and motels

Hotel Trumf ***

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailTrumf hotel is situated in a peaceful part of the town’s historical centre.Hotels and motels

Hotel U hradu

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailU Hradu hotel offers accommodation in a hotel building complex in the oldest part of the historical part of Mladá Boleslav, in the Bohemian Paradise region. It is situated directly next to the Mladá Boleslav castle.Hotels and motels

Hotel Zimní stadion

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe Štěpánka forest park, tennis and volleyball courts, Museum of Mladá Boleslav Region, Templ Municipal Palace, Church of the Bohemian Brethren, lookout tower and other interesting places are near the hotel.Hotels and motels

Motel R10

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe newly built motel is situated on the 39th kilometre of the R10 motorway, on the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav. The motel can be reached via exits from the motorway in both directions.Hotels and motels

Sand Martin Hotel

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailThe modern four-star hotel is part of the Golf resort in Mladá Boleslav situated on the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav, in the Michalovice quarter.Hotels and motels

The hotel La Romantica

Mlada BoleslavZobrazit detailLa Romantica hotel in Mladá Boleslav is situated in a peaceful part of the town with a view of the Štěpánka park offering many sports activities. The hotel is approximately 5-minute walk from the centre and the historical part of Mladá Boleslav.Hotels and motels
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