Accessible buildings

Přístupné objekty
    • The entire building or its major part with at least one wheelchair access is accessible. Visit is possible without any prior arrangements.
    • Ramps (portable and fixed) in front of entrances and inside the buildings have the maximum slope of 12.5% for lengths of up to 3 metres or 8% for lengths of up to 9 metres. The minimum width of fixed ramps is 110 cm.
    • Doors and passages are at least 80 cm wide, which also applies to the entrance (main) wing of double-wing doors. The doorsill height is no more than 2 cm.
    • A self-service elevator is available for overcoming any elevation and the minimum dimensions are as follows: door width of 80 cm, inner dimensions of the cabin: width 100 cm x depth 125 cm. Buildings with a platform are not classified as accessible buildings.
    • In the case of buildings with public toilets, WC I toilet is wheelchair accessible, or at least partially accessible WC II toilet is available, providing all other accessibility criteria are met.
    • Surfaces and slopes of roads and paths inside the building and in its immediate surroundings do not pose any major complication for wheelchair users.

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